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Accueil : Cartes : 1- Cartes Sportives : 1- Hockey : 2017-2018 :

2017-18 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey - Hobby - Boite

2017-18 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey - Hobby - Boite

Prix avant taxes: $97.41

Prix de vente TAXES INCLUSES (Québec) : $112.00

Numéro ITEM # : Upp883160
Code UPC : 53334883160

S.V.P. Nous contacter par téléphone ou courriel pour en assurer la disponibilité. Merci!

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8 Cards Per Pack

24 Packs Per Box

12 Boxes Per Case



         The Wait is Over, 2017-18 Upper Deck Series One Hockey is Here. Featuring The Finest Game-Action Photography on The Market.

         Collect The Highly Sought After Young Guns Rookie Cards, Delivering 6 Per Box.

    o    Featuring Today’s Best New Talent in The NHL.

    o    The 1st Chance For Collectors to Find Live Rookie Cards From A Variety of 2017 NHL Top Draft Picks.

         Look For All 250-Cards From The Base Set in Exclusives Parallels #’d to 100 And Rare High Gloss Parallels #’d to 10.

         HOBBY EXCLUSIVE – Physical Packs Only: Find Clear Cut PETG Parallels of The Complete Base Set, Falling 1 in 72 Packs, Featuring All 50 Young Guns.

         The UD Canvas Set is A Mainstay Within The Lineup of Chase Card Content, Providing A Challenging 90-Card Set With Mind Blowing Photography. Delivering 4 Per Box.

    o    UD Canvas Young Guns, Inserted 1 in 2 Boxes.

         Find UD Game Jersey and Patch cards with Huge Swatch Pieces.

         Look For The Popular Day With The Cup Insert Falling 1 in 2000 Packs.

         Ceremonial Puck Drop is Back With 12 All New Subjects, Hitting 1 in 2000 Packs.

    o    Find Rare Autographs Falling 1 in 16000 Packs.

         NEW: Celebrate 100 Years of The NHL With The Centennial Standouts Inserts Featuring Great Players & Moments From The Past 100 Years of The NHL.

         Collect The Entire UD Portraits Set, Featuring Super Stars And Rookies, Hitting 4 Per Hobby Box.

    o    Find Numbered Gold Foil Parallels and Super Rare low-Numbered Platinum Blue Parallels.

          Shining Stars Inserts, printed in lustrous foil board Falling 3 Per Hobby Box.

    o    Collect Centers, Left Wingers And SP Goalies.

    o    Find Red Parallels Falling 1 Per Hobby Box.

         Collect Beautiful Clear Cut Acetate Inserts.

    o    Featuring Superstars, Foundations Duos & Leaders Trios With an Update to The Popular Clear Cut Honoured Members Insert.

    o    Combining to Deliver 1 Per Hobby Case.



         Rookie Cards

    o    Young Guns – Inserted 1:4

         UD Canvas Cards (combined to deliver 1:6)

    o    Regular Cards – Inserted 1:7

    o    Young Guns – Inserted 1:48

         Memorabilia & Autograph Cards

    o    UD Canvas Signatures - # to Uniform

    o    Signature Sensations – Inserted 1:288

    o    UD Game Jersey – Inserted 1:36

    o    UD Game Patch Parallel - # to 15

    o    APH 300 Win Club Jersey – Inserted 1:7200

    o    APH 300 Win Club Patch Parallel - # to 10

    o    APH 500 Goal Club Jersey – Inserted 1:7200

    o    APH 1,000 Point Club Jersey – Inserted 1:2400

    o    Ceremonial Puck Drop Autograph Parallel - Inserted 1:16000

         Shining Stars

    o    Shining Stars – Centers – Inserted 1:16

    o    Shining Stars – Centers Red Parallel - Inserted 1:48

    o    Shining Stars – Left Wingers – Inserted 1:24

    o    Shining Stars – Left Wingers Red Parallel - Inserted 1:72

    o    Shining Stars – Goalies – Inserted 1:48

    o    Shining Stars – Goalie Red Parallel - Inserted 1:144

         Clear Cut Inserts

    o    Clear Cut Superstars – Inserted 1:400

    o    Clear Cut Foundations Duos –  #’d to 25

    o    Clear Cut Foundations Trios –  #’d to 10

    o    Clear Cut Leaders – #’d to 10

    o    Clear Cut Honoured Members Update - #’d  to 100

         Must-Have Regular Set Parallels

    o    Clear Cut Parallels - Inserted 1:72

    o    Exclusives Parallels – #’d to 100

    o    High Gloss Parallels – #’d to 10

         High Demand Inserts

    o    Centennial Standouts – Inserted 1:5

    o    Centennial Standouts Photo Variation – Inserted 1:1000

    o    The Second Six – Inserted 1:1000

    o    Ceremonial Puck Drop – Inserted 1:2000

    o    Day With The Cup – Inserted 1:2000

    o    2017 NHL Draft SP – Inserted 1:12000

          o    2017 NHL Draft SP Variation – Inserted 1:72000

         UD Portraits Set (combined to deliver 1:6)

    o    UD Portraits – Inserted 1:7

    o    UD Portraits Gold Parallel - #’d to 25

    o    UD Portraits Platinum Blue Parallel - #’d to 5

    o    UD Portraits Rookies – Inserted 1:60

    o    UD Portraits Rookie Gold Parallel - #’d  to 99

    o    UD Portraits Rookies Platinum Blue Parallel - #’d  to 25

         Regular Cards

          200 Regular Cards


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