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Accueil : Peintures et Accessoires : Tamiya Panel Line :

Panel Line Accent Color - Black

Panel Line Accent Color - Black

Prix avant taxes: $8.05

Prix de vente TAXES INCLUSES (Québec) : $9.25

Numéro ITEM # : TAM87131
Code UPC : 4950344871315

S.V.P. Nous contacter par téléphone ou courriel pour en assurer la disponibilité. Merci!

Tamiya Panel Line enamel paints are ideal for highlighting panel lines and other details to give your model a more realistic depth. The paint has been pre-diluted into the ideal viscosity and can be easily applied into crevasses such as panel lines with the brush on the bottle cap. Once dried, any excess may be cleaned up by using enamel thinner. (Bottle contains 40ml) Examples of use: Black is a general-purpose color and can be used for any type of model. Brown is great for military models as well as highlighting details on bright colors such as Yellow or Orange. Gray is perfect for White or Light Gray parts where Black may be too distinct.


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